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About Candy Edits Inc

Our Vision :

Our vision is to make an impact to the digital media space; to build a place where ideas and creative innovations come to find discovery into the digital spectrum

Our  Mission:

We are here to deliver the best editing service and help creator’s succeed

Our Values

  • Team Work - Through the strengths and weakness of our team, and the relationships that we build, we want to push the world to create better digital media and services. Constantly trying to help each other and focusing on great team work. Looking out for each other’s wellbeing. Communication is the key principle thats we focus to grow and develop
  • Optimism - We are micro pessimists but macro optimists. Creative process that our clients entrusts us to do. Encourages us to creatively problem solve through challenges. We believe in the team work and overall optimism in the work environment and have each other take accountability but also encourage each other through challenges.
  • Being respectful of each other and our time - Working together and focusing on collaborating to accomplish our goals. Efficiency and finding the best possible workflow and keeping accountability on each others responsibilities in the work environment.
  • Treating our clients with care and respect- Our clients entrust us with their creative projects as creators. We dedicate our time to get to know out client’s brand, brand personality, and with the audience. When we mess up, miss a deadline, or slow down, it matters. We take that responsibility seriously.
  • Creative Innovation - We care about constantly improving, learning, and challenging each other to grow as people and with the work we create. Finding solutions to overcome creative challenges . We encourage the free flow of creative ideas and consolidate an environment to provide it.

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